Low Carb Portobello Mushroom Turkey Cheese Cup

Recently the portobello mushroom is on sale, so i am using it as low carb / keto snacks and love it in our breakfast too. Portobello mushroom is a huge mushroom that is suitable to use as a cup or a bowl or replace the bun in burger. Since i have ground turkey,  i amRead More

KETO Low Carb Creamy Cheesy Yummy Basil Mushroom

This is my first attempt to try cooking something more towards western instead of Oriental. Normally i do not cook dishes with creamy sauces, but after the Sunday shopping, i brought home with a pack of heavy cream. I think it is not too bad to try something with heavy cream. So i dig aroundRead More

Tomato Rosemary Cheese Baked Chicken Thighs

Recently we had our blood test report done, and my report is perfectly good but that’s a little risk for hubby. He is high in triglyceride and LDL level, where the doctor advises him to take some fish oil. I decided to change our WOE to the low carb high fat which is believed canRead More

Coconut Milk Spicy Key West Shrimps

It was a shopping weekend at Costco, the Key West Pinky Shrimps were on sale! ta-da~ it is a must to grab as we both love shrimps! So i have prepared a combination of Thai and Western Ingredients to make the dish. Shrimps are from the West but the Sauces are from the East! Ingredients:Read More

Traditional Mushroom Yam Rice 古早味香菇芋头油饭

Yesterday, i made a traditional taste yet simple dish for dinner, and hubby liked it so much. This is a One pot rice with mushrooms, shrimps and the main ingredient, Chinese Taro (Yam). With it’s fluffy texture, it made the rice taste so yummilicious and i believed if you like Chinese food you will definitelyRead More

Mushroom BBQ Pork Dark Sauce Noodle (冬菇叉烧干捞面)

This is a noodle supposed to eat with Wonton, however i am lazy, just so lazy in making the wonton, so i replaced it with other side dishes to save up some of my time. This is more likely a combination of here and there, as i do not make the BBQ pork by myself,Read More

Malaysia Style LoMaiKai (Glutinous Rice Chicken)

Okay, another food craving day for me, i was supposed to make chinese dumplings for Dragon Boat Festival. With the glutinous rice that i bought from the Asian Supermarket, i decided to make LoMaiKai before the festive. LoMaikai is actually a dimsum dish from HongKong, which is basically in the same table with SiuMai, HarGauRead More

Stir Fried Button Mushrooms in Thai Style

My family is a big fan of Thai Style dishes, they loves lemon grass, basil, lemon taste. Today i have it using Turmeric into the mushroom dish Ingredient: Button Mushroom * 200g Red bell pepper * 1/4 pcs (slice it) Yellow bell pepper * 1/4 pcs (slice it) Kai Lan Stalk * 50g (slice it)Read More

Goh Hiang All Spice Chicken Drumsticks with side dishes

Ever since i moved to this city, this is one of the dish i usually craving about. The Goh Hiang gravy sauce can be used to stew mostly everything from tofu, eggs, chicken feet, drumstick and pork. Goh Hiang seasoning is inclusive of ground pepper, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cumin seeds, ginger, cardamom, licorice, pepper,Read More

Colorful Mushroom Bean Sprouts

i always love to make my meals have rainbow colors, here you go my colorful bean sprout recipe! Ingredients: mini dried shrimp * 4-5 pcs bean sprout * 600g dried mushroom * 1-2 pcs (soak in water and cut into slices) carrots * little bit (cut into slices) Black Fungus * little bit (soak inRead More