Thai Tom Yum Seafood Bowl

Tom yum is our all time favorite especially add in variety of seafood such as shrimps, octopus, clams and squids. Usually the soup is spicy and sour, for sour taste, we can use tamarind powder or the fresh lime, depends your choice. What is on hand, use that. The flavor is still rich and yummy.Read More

Cast Iron Grill Turkey Satay in Lemongrass Skewer

Let’s have some fun in the summer. Again i love using the cast iron to do indoor grill at my tiny kitchen In Asia, we usually use chicken or beef to do Satay, but i would like to go for a healthier version by using turkey breast as the main ingredients. I got the lemongrass fromRead More

Coconut Milk Spicy Key West Shrimps

It was a shopping weekend at Costco, the Key West Pinky Shrimps were on sale! ta-da~ it is a must to grab as we both love shrimps! So i have prepared a combination of Thai and Western Ingredients to make the dish. Shrimps are from the West but the Sauces are from the East! Ingredients:Read More

Thai Sauce Tofu Hot Salad

I happened to have some creativity today, on my dish, i am not sure if there is any Tofu salad in Thailand for reality, but since i am using the Thai Spicy Sweet Sauce, so i just named it as it is.   Ingredient: Firm Tofu * 2 pcs (cut into cubes) Cucumber * 1/4Read More

Thai Homecook Fish Cake Vermicelli (泰式鱼片炒米粉)

A simple lunch, make me have the memory of being with my mom, we used to love buying this vermicelli from our morning market as our breakfast. Now i am apart from my mom, i missed her, and i know by making this dish will make me miss her more, but i cannot help it…Read More

Stir Fried Button Mushrooms in Thai Style

My family is a big fan of Thai Style dishes, they loves lemon grass, basil, lemon taste. Today i have it using Turmeric into the mushroom dish Ingredient: Button Mushroom * 200g Red bell pepper * 1/4 pcs (slice it) Yellow bell pepper * 1/4 pcs (slice it) Kai Lan Stalk * 50g (slice it)Read More

Stir Fry Thai Style Spicy Purple Onion Hong Kong Kai Lan

Get a mixture of Asian ingredients and put it together become a fresh new recipe! Ingredient: Hong Kong Kai Lan * 500g Purple Onion * 1/4 pcs (cut into slices) Dried Shrimp * 4-5 pcs Chili * 1 pc (dice it) ginger * little bit (dice it) garlic * 1 clove (dice it)   Seasoning:Read More