Sweet Corn Red Dates Millet Soup

Millet, is another form of grain that can replace the rice, however, today i made it a sweet soup for our breakfast. It is creamy and fluffy like the cream soup. However, to make it tastier, i have added in some oriental ingredients such as dates and gozi berries, According to the research, red dates are good in building red blood cells and improve “Qi” of the body, While gozi berries are good for eye sights.




Millet * 150g

Red dates * 4-5 pcs (slices)

Gozi Berries * 10 pcs

Sweet Corn * 1 pc (cut it out from the corn cob)

Rock Sugar * to taste

Water * 1-2 cups (depends the thickness of the soup)


How to cook:

  1. Cook all the ingredients in the pot with water except rock sugar.
  2. It is pretty quick as you just have to cook it for 15 minutes.
  3. Add in the rock sugar and bon appetite!


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