Nyonya Pastry Pulut Tai Tai aka Sticky Rice with Kaya

This is my all time favorite dessert from Malaysia. It is classic cake from Nyonya cuisine. The making steps are simple yet superb yum! Pulut is a Malay word meaning glutinous rice or sticky rice. The blue color is the natural color from the butterfly pea flowers. Kaya is a coconut sweet spread which canRead More

Super Moist Espresso Coffee Chocolate Chips Marble Pound Cake

Baking is always my weakest area, but i am craving for pound cake today, since it is labor day, i decided to brush up some baking skill.. a very simple one haha. It is No skills required, but just blend and fold every ingredients together. The result turned out super moist and yummilicious! Again, itRead More

Bread Machine Recipe: Easy Homemade Rich Pandan Flavor KAYA (Coconut Spread) 面包机简易斑兰加耶

i love this coconut spread more than other type of fruit jam, as it is rich of coconut and egg fragrance.This kaya spread can just simply add into any pastry to have the amazingly good taste. In America, there are so hard to find my hometown food, almost everything, i have to made it fromRead More

Teow Chew Taro (YAM) Ginkgo Dessert (潮州芋泥)

my skills for dessert & pastry is always weaker than the cooking skills. So, this is one of my favorite ingredient, Yam that I always craved as dessert. The Chinese Yam has the fluffy and soft texture when we made it into pastry or dessert. This is a traditional Chinese warm dessert originate from GuangDongRead More

Sweet Corn Red Dates Millet Soup

Millet, is another form of grain that can replace the rice, however, today i made it a sweet soup for our breakfast. It is creamy and fluffy like the cream soup. However, to make it tastier, i have added in some oriental ingredients such as dates and gozi berries, According to the research, red datesRead More

Stewed Pear with White Fungus and Rock Candy

Chinese always believed in Yin and Yang food remedy. This dessert is to moisture the body system especially for women, to raise the Yin level up for the entire body, hence to reduce heat and damp of the body. White Fungus believed to have the good result in helping skin radiant and whitening effect, plusRead More

Nyonya Red Bean Coconut Cake

This is one of my all time favorite cake when i live in Malaysia. Always i can find this cake selling on the street and it is just so delicious. No matter how many times i had, i will still always craving for this dessert! with the coconut milk fragrance and the red bean paste,Read More

Mini Kaya Soft Pancake

Kaya can be eaten as a Jam with bread or toast. It can be used as the ingredients in pastry too. Today i use it at the simple pastry, pancake, with simple ingredients, you also can enjoy the fun of baking! You do not require a mixer, oven or any special flour from the bakeryRead More

Sweet potatoes Mung bean Barley Asian Dessert

  Ingredients: Mung beans * 100g China Barley * 100g Japanese Sweet Potatoes * 2 medium size (cut into cubes) Brown Sugar * depends   How to cook: Soak the china barley into water for overnight or minimum 3-4 hours Boiled the water and insert those china barley into a pot Keep on boiling untilRead More