Singapore Style Curry Fried Vermicelli with Chicken

We love fried vermicelli, again, this become our dinner for tonight. Fried vermicelli also can be named as fried beehoon, fried bihun, or fried may fun, depends the dialects or areas that served it. This is popular among South East Asia, especially on the street or at hawker center. Tonight, we are going to doRead More

Cast Iron Grill Turkey Satay in Lemongrass Skewer

Let’s have some fun in the summer. Again i love using the cast iron to do indoor grill at my tiny kitchen In Asia, we usually use chicken or beef to do Satay, but i would like to go for a healthier version by using turkey breast as the main ingredients. I got the lemongrass fromRead More

Simple Jamaican Jerk Curry Chicken

Hubby always crave for Jamaican jerk curry chicken, we usually just grab it at the Caribbean restaurant nearby our home. But today he brought back a jar of Jamaican Jerk curry paste, and a bag of cut chicken parts. I knew he is looking forward to eat for dinner today! However, i just do itRead More

Purple Potatoes Indonesia Rendang Chicken

My family loves all curry from Asian, and it is so easy to cook yet yummy! With the delicious gravy, we can eat it together with Naan bread or Basmati rice. Normally the family that live in Asian, such as Malaysia or Indonesia will cook the curry from scratch, with blending many spices into aRead More

Malaysia Curry Rendang Chicken with Nasi Kunyit (马来西亚咖喱rendang黄姜鸡饭)

It is sort of heavy flavor tonight, i am craving for Malaysia food again.. lol. This is the signature dish of every Malaysia family a very basic dish but it is so yummy and fragrance… I know this is not those healthy dish compare to what i’ve cook along, however i did some here andRead More

Thai Homecook Fish Cake Vermicelli (泰式鱼片炒米粉)

A simple lunch, make me have the memory of being with my mom, we used to love buying this vermicelli from our morning market as our breakfast. Now i am apart from my mom, i missed her, and i know by making this dish will make me miss her more, but i cannot help it…Read More

Curry Lemongrass Pork Chop

It’s been a while since my last update, recently been busy doing my gardening, so i cook relatively simple dinner for hubby. However, we added some new sauce from oriental supermarket, one of it would be our favorite lemongrass sauce. I would believe most of you would have known the fragrance of lemongrass, a veryRead More

Asian Style Triangle Curry Potato Crispy Puffs

I’ve made this tiny triangle puffs as the movie snacks during our movie session at home. It is pretty simple and just simply delicious! Ingredients: Potato * 250g (about 3 pcs) – cut into small tiny cubes Onion * 150g (1/2 pc) – cut into thin slices Garlic * 2 cloves (finely chop) Spring RollRead More

Asian Spicy Curry Shrimps

We are both shrimp lover, this is another shrimp dish that full with Asian flavor. Ingredients: Big Shrimps * 8 pcs Fresh Mint leaf * decoration Marinating seasoning: for 2 hours Curry Powder * 1/2 tbsp Turmeric Powder * 1/2 tsp Light Soy Sauce * 1/2 tbsp Dried Chili Flakes * 1/4 tsp Brown SugarRead More